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The young Tanemura was taught from the age of nine by his father and father's uncle, Kakunosuke Yamazaki, who was an 8th dan in the Onoha Itto ryu. He practiced unarmed techniques and sword almost everyday.

The training was always serious. It was conducted out-of-doors and the students went barefoot, regardless of the weather. He was regularly beaten up and knocked unconscious. When he was knocked out, a bucket of icy cold water would be used to revive him. Once awake, he was expected to continue his training immediately.

At the age of fifteen, he began to study Shindo Muso ryu Kenpo from the renowned Master Seishiro Saito. It was during these high school days that his quest for true martial arts was beginning take form and blossom. At the age of fifteen, Tanemura sensei also was fortunate enough to be initiated into the famous Asayama Ichiden ryu taijutsu along with Takagi Yoshin ryu jujutsu, Gikan ryu koppojutsu as well as other ancient schools of bujutsu (Japanese martial arts). His training was so concentrated, that he received his menkyo kaiden (full mastership) in Shinden Fudo ryu and Kukishin ryu at the age of twenty.

During his university days, Grand Master Tanemura was introduced to Dr. Kinbei Sato. Even though Sato sensei taught martial arts to many people, very few (including Tanemura sensei, at first) knew of Dr. Sato's training with Takamatsu sensei. It wasn't until more than a decade later, that Tanemura sensei (after ending his relationship with another teacher and starting the Genbukan) rediscovered Sato sensei. He was given special kuden (secret oral teachings) and by the winter of 1989, Dr. Kinbei Sato named him as the next Soke (Grandmaster) of Takagi Yoshin ryu, Bokuden ryu, Gikan ryu, and Kukishin ryu.
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