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Grandmaster Tanemura awards traditional martial arts titles to Genbukan and KJJR members who have mastered the skills necessary to pass the authentic tests. Some titles do not require a specific test and are simply a statement of position within the organization. For mastership titles though, one must first satisfy certain rank and certification requirements to become eligible to take the test; and finally, one must pass the test itself.

Organizational Titles

KJJR Group Leader
Qualifications: A student may become a group leader prior to attaining their black belt if they receive express permission from Soke.

Dojo-cho "School Chief"
Qualifications: Shodan (black belt level) or greater level instructor.

Daidojo-cho "Large School Chief"
Qualifications: Dojo-cho with more than 100 registered students.

Shibu-cho "Area Chief" or "Regional Director"
Qualifications: 4th dan or higher, Renshi.

Kokusai Shidoin "International Instructor"
Qualifications: 5th dan or higher in Ninpo and Jujutsu, Kyoshi, Bojutsu shodan, Bikenjutsu shodan, Naginata shodan, Asayama Ichiden Ryu Chuden Menkyo, Takage Yoshin Ryu shoden menkyo

With Soke's permission, a Shidoin can teach anywhere in world and conduct check tests up to 3rd dan.

Master Titles
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