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All tests for mastership titles are conducted personally by Grandmaster Tanemura. Typically, the test is conducted at the Honbu Dojo in Japan and is witnessed by the Shihan (Soke's highest level students) to ensure authenticity. Each mastership title has a corresponding set of qualifications that the student must first satisfy and each title also has its own test.

The following are the official titles used in the Genbukan and KJJR as well as their prerequisites and corresponding test.

Renshi "Line up Master" or "Journeyman Master"

Qualifications : 4th dan Ninpo, 4th dan Jujutsu, and Shoden Menkyo in Asayama Ichiden Ryu.

Test : The student sits in seiza (traditional kneeling posture) facing Soke with eyes open, calmly awaiting Soke's cut. Soke assumes Daijodan no kamae with a shinai (bamboo sword) and when he feels the student is ready, he executes his choice of cut. Soke selects which cut he will perform during the test to ensure authenticity. The student must completely escape without being hit.

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