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News Topics: Gikan Ryu special sale
Dear Gikan Ryu attend members,

Now I could set up to on the sale Gikan Ryu Kirigami and Shoden all patterns movie & pdf as one set from DL-market.
This is a product for Gikan Ryu Taikai attend members only.
The price is only 4200 Yen (about 60% off).
Please ask your Dojo-Cho who attend Japan Gikan Ryu Taikai about the login password and the order password.
This is on the sale during from this month (October) to 25th December 2013.
login password:
order password:

This set Shoden is new version including Taikai times skits with Soke special demonstrations.

Sincerely Yours,

Gikan Ryu 14th Grandmaster
Shoto Tanemura