Amatsu Tatara is the highest and oldest scroll of martial arts and Shinto spirit, dating back to 7BC. The Genbukan Ninpo Bugei Federation and Kokusai Jujutsu Federation are teaching this traditional system from beginner to master level.  Now everybody has a chance to learn true traditional Japanese Martial Arts and Spirit.  more...


Genbukan is dedicated to the factual portrayal and teaching of the Ninja arts in the traditional Japanese manner.


The KJJR was established 1991 for the preservation and transmission of authentic Japanese Jujutsu.

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Grandmaster Tanemura has written several books and produced many videos to aid in the teachings of the traditional martial arts.

Technique Area
Here is the first installment of authentic reference material for Genbukan/KJJR techniques.

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You are invited to participate in an online discussion on Ninpo and Jujutsu.

A letter from the Grandmaster
Why is the art of Ninpo now taught freely?

A look at the Ninja Seishin...

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New Release of Ninpo Secrets Book
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New Naginata-jutsu and Shuriken-jutsu Videos!
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Grandmaster Tanemura Sensei has begun to issue
Amatsu Tatara patches for instructors of 3rd dan rank and higher.

Bojutsu and Bikenjutsu series complete!

Proof of being an authentic Genbukan/KJJR instructor

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