Ninpo / Jujutsu Learning Supplements

The following  items are available on this web site and also through a licensed Genbukan or Kokusai dojo for the listed prices. While some dojos may stock the items, most will have to be ordered from the Honbu dojo in Japan.

How to order!
All purchases made from the following areas must be paid via International Postal Money Order (not your country's postal order) and made payable to:Genbukan/KJJR.  Also, you must include a shipping fee of $5 per item.  If you order three items or more, shipping is free.

Click here to download the official order form.  It is in pdf format. If you do not have the pdf plugin or viewer, click here to go get it. Print out the order form, fill in your choices, then mail it with your postal money order to the Honbu dojo.  The pdf order form includes more specific shipping information.

CD Videos



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