True dojo-cho/Instructors

Please be careful of false member dojo-cho/Instructors.  If the Dojo name does not appear on the Honbu website Dojo listing, they are not a true branch Dojo-cho or member Instructor. Please check that the teacher has a renewal license (Dojo Registration Certificate by signature grandmaster Shoto Tanemura each year and membership license/booklet have a stamp or signature by grand master Shoto Tanemura for each year).

If someone shows an old Grandmaster's letter, do not believe it. If they are a true branch dojo-cho/school, the teacher will have to show the renewal member Instructor/Dojo-Cho certificate of the present year.

Official Instructor Certificate

This certificate is awarded to Genbukan/KJJR Dojo-Cho and instructors each year upon renewal of membership.  It certifies that the Instructor is a member in good standing with the Genbukan/KJJR.  If this registration certificate is not posessed by an instructor, they are not a Genbukan /KJJR member and not an official Instructor of Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura.

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